Karen Bouganim
B.Sc.OT Gestalt Psychotherapist

At the heart of Karen’s work is her desire to positively influence a child’s mental health. She believes that anyone, child, adolescent or adult, can achieve their goals with a strong sense of self and positive self-esteem. Karen founded Tell Me Your Story to provide therapy tools and techniques that teach and empower children – and their families – to better understand and express their feelings. The outcome for all is greater self worth.

This unique approach offers the opportunity for families to heal and create a more harmonious and joyful life.

Karen incorporates and blends her knowledge and experiences as a Gestalt Psychotherapist (graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto) and as an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path ( graduate of the Red Lodge Longhouse program).

Karen has been in private practice since 1999 and has a home-based office in Mississauga.